Information for your business

Our technical team work and technology inovations are completly dedicated to our client to success there business. We have more than 11 years experience in the software industry. A team of young, devoted developers familiar to a large variety of programming languages and techniques and with the view of providing the best solutions for our client's business.Motivated by the desire to be different, we dare to accept any challanges put forward by our clients, and we work hard to move a step closed to the future. We support to our client 24/7 work time schedule(ContactUs).

Business is in your finger tips

We automate your business, by this way you can control the cost that is involve your business. Various kinds of graphs can help you to clearly understand and control your business. This also can help you to take the important business decisions based on the calculcation of graphs output, by this way you can increase your company revenue and helps yours business growth much faster than ever.

Business Consulting

iTop is a leading software consulting company specializing in custom software development, consulting services, web site design and development. Our goal is to work with you to provide the best product and consulting solutions after analyzing your company's needs. Our experienced team can assist you in the architecture of solutions which is sute for your business by analysing various technologies.

User Friendly

Make it easy is our primary motivation. We have software programmers and graphic designer who are specliaist in there area. When developing the web sites, reports and data entry screens, we use the combined talents of our programmers and graphic designers to assure that your project is programmed to perfection, visually appearance and gives best user friendly support.